V2 Ecig Review

Nowadays the cost of smoking is really high due to the extra taxes imposed upon the standard Tobacco cigarettes, during the financially down time the last thing a smoker wants is to be forced to pay more for his/her cigarettes. Even knowing how dangerous the standard cig is for a person’s health they are forced to pay for them. Well a good news for all the smokers out there as they can carry on smoking with the new E- cigarettes which is not dangerous to heath and is quite cheap as compared to a standard cigarettes.

Benefits of an E-Cig:V2 electronic cigarette[su_list icon=”icon: check-square-o”]

  • Odor less
  • No Ash
  • No Tar
  • No second hand smoking
  • No left over Cig butts
  • Can be refilled (If chosen the right combination)
  • Cost less


The E-Cig is odorless and leaves no traces of any ash or cigarettes butts. A person does not have any odor of smoke and ash left on his clothes.

At present there are many electronic cigarettes out in the market and they all work on the same principle of having a battery an atomizer and a cartridge.

When a person draws the E-Cig the battery triggers the atomizer which heats the liquid containing nicotine. This takes the form of vapors. The user takes in nicotine and the liquid is exhaled in the form of vapor smoke. Thus the smoke is nothing but just a liquid in a vapor form and is odorless.

At present V2 E- Cigarette is one of the best brands providing a good quality of E-cigarette. They are ranked the best for a reason. They provide the most advanced e-cig. The cig are smart for a reason, the user is given an option when to turn the battery on. This is done by 2 ways one is automatic and one is manual. The automatic one functions when a user inhales. The batter triggers the atomizer and the atomizer heats the liquid containing nicotine. The manual one works the same way except for the triggering of the battery. This is done by manually pressing a button on the cartridge. This can be done by simply pressing the cig between the lips while staring to inhale. This pressing of the button activates the triggering process.

When buying V2 a person should be 100% satisfied and sure that the product they are paying for is tested and fulfills the standards laid upon the E-Cig.

V2 test all their products individually before approving them.

V2 provided different types of electronic cigarettes. They provide disposable e-cig, flavored cig. To save the cost much more they provide refills for the liquid and also provide bundle buying, which saves much more money for a buyer.


A comparison of items available in different kits is below:

Below is a chart of V2 against other E-cig brands in February 2013

V2 against other E-cig


There are many reasons why a person should switch to an ecig brand as compared to standard cigarettes, and there are many reasons to choose V2 over other E-Cig.