Facts about Electronic cigarettes

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the market, they were received with mixed reactions. Some people saw it as a way of helping those who wanted to quit while on the other side others completely opposed them. People rushed into making their minds on whether to support or oppose the use of electronic cigarettes without even taking their time to study this product. To date there are some facts which a good number of people don’t know about these electronic cigarettes. However the popularity of electronic cigarettes has continued to grow in many countries around the world this is largely owing to their smokeless nature. Click here to skip ahead and read about green smoke electronic cigarette review

When compared, there a few differences and similarities between the traditional cigarettes and the electronic cigarettes. For instance, it is a fact that they both contain nicotine but when you use an electronic cigarette you can regulate the amount of it you want to take. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, a component you will never find in electronic cigarettes. This is especially what give electronic cigarettes an advantage above their traditional counterparts. Instead of this tobacco, an electronic cigarette contains a certain liquid which is heated to produce vapor which is drawn by the smoker. In addition, some scientific studies have suggested that smoking electronic cigarettes can go a long way in helping a person to finally and completely quit tobacco smoking therefore minimizing the health risks and diseases caused by smoking tobacco such as stroke or even lung cancer.

Below are some facts about electronic cigarettes which might help you to decide on whether to support its use or not.

  • The fact number one fact that must be taken into account is that they are smokeless. That is the electronic cigarettes produce no smoke at all this because they are made in a way that they produce vapor instead of smoke.
  • Another fact about the electronic cigarettes is that they are odorless. This is because they don’t produce any smoke.
  • Because of the usable nature of electronic cigarettes, they require maintenance. For instance, users must recharge their batteries regularly depending on how often they use them. Users have also another task of refilling their cigarettes with the nicotine liquid. They can as well opt to replace their empty cartridges.
  • In many countries around the world, the sale and supply of electronic cigarettes is not regulated. However, it is strictly regulated in a few countries. For example, there is a move in the U.S to classify electronic cigarettes as devices used to deliver drugs.
  • In similarity to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes equally contain nicotine. However, some of them contain absolutely no nicotine.



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